Shadow Assassins is a group of people who love to play Paintball. We work as a Team to get the most out of the game. For us its not about the winning its about doing the best you can, with what you have. Established in 2009 with just 4 members. Scott, Jim, Kevin and John. By the end of the year Nick B and Nick J joined our ranks. In 2010 SA generaled our first game at OSG - Halo. We have generaled about 10 since. In 2010 SA Attend EMR's Spring Castle and returned every year. Along the way we picked up Mike R, Nick R, and Mike T. Now in 2013 we have 18 players known to be held to the PaintBall Pledge. On the field it has been said "If you see the green shirts coming your in for a fight"

: Were you at Star Wars at OSG? Video will be up this week! Here is the Video! Tell us what you think of the format. Do you lilike just all game play or do you like some off the field video with player quick shout outs.

Posting up a Team Video featuring us 2014 lineup on 12/27 And how we handle Fear on the battle Front. Going to work on our new format of more off field video before, durning and after the game with player interviews in 2014. Lastly going to work on a pre video for the Walking Dead Scenario at OSG.


18 Players strong with all type of gear, strengths, and time played. All with the love of an awesome sport that anyone can enjoy.2013Video

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